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Children of The Void (Paperback)

Children of The Void (Paperback)

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Book 2 of The Rogue Star Sci-Fi Series

Ebook Version

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No one ever truly escapes the business.


Iaka Kazumi is enjoying her life as a research scientist, at least until her former Earth Force boss calls.


Iaka finds herself dragged back into the dangerous world of espionage and running for her life.


Marcus Drake and Solomon Keys rush to try and save her before it’s too late.




161 Pages


5.5 X 8.5



Publication Date

November 14, 2021


Sand Hill Publishing

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“No, you can’t try the new cloaking device.” The Rogue Star emerged from hyperspace five hundred thousand miles away from Yourin 3. Captain Marcus Drake guided his ship toward the brown, ugly moon orbiting a beautiful, green gas giant. A pair of heavy cruisers patrolled the system for unauthorized ships.

“Come on, Marcus.” His navigator and best friend, Solomon Keys, took every opportunity to nag him about trying the latest toy First Councilor Dra’Kor’s technicians had installed on the Star. “We have to test it. What if it doesn’t work when we need it to?”

“We don’t need to sneak down to the planet; they’re expecting the load of medical supplies in the hold. If we go in cloaked they’re apt to think we’re smugglers and blast us out of the sky the instant we hit the atmosphere. I never got shot down when I was a smuggler, so I’m certainly not going to risk it now that I’m doing honest work. I’d never live it down.”

“What about that time we snuck the three-eyed princess off her home world before they could marry her off to that old guy with the horns? Our engines got shot up pretty bad.”

The Star streaked toward the nearest cruiser. Marcus expected to receive a call any second. “That didn’t count. I landed us safe and sound. Besides the cloak’s Vencar tech there’s no chance it won’t work. Not to mention if we get shot down how are we supposed to get the councilor’s negotiator off the planet?”

Solomon crossed his arms over his ample stomach and frowned. “Fine, forget I asked.”

A beep from the comm spared Marcus further pouting. “You going to get that?”

Solomon hit the flashing button. “This is the Rogue Star, go ahead.”

Marcus smiled. All traces of the pout vanished when Solomon went to work.

“This is Captain Korbin of the heavy cruiser Defiance. Please transmit your cargo manifest and shipping permit.”

Solomon typed a short command into his console. “Transmission commencing.”

The data transferred and a few seconds later Captain Korbin said, “Everything looks in order, Rogue Star, they’ll be expecting you at beacon six.”

“Understood, Defiance, Rogue Star out.” Solomon cut the connection.

A grid overlaid the main view-screen showing Marcus his landing coordinates. “See, no sweat.”

“Don’t say that, Marcus. Every time you say that someone tries to kill us.”

Marcus grinned and accelerated toward the moon.

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