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For The Greater Good (Audiobook)

For The Greater Good (Audiobook)

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Book 2 of The Divine Key Trilogy

Narrated by the Awesome Joe Hempel

Ebook Version

Paperback Version


Princess Shara of the High Kingdom survived a mad sorcerer and his demonic master.


In the process, she gained a rare and powerful gift, The Divine Key. A power so dangerous that even the archangels fear what might happen.


And fear can lead even the mightiest of beings to rash decisions. All in the name of the greater good.


Meanwhile, Robert and Blade are enjoying their new life, at least until Blade gets bored with the gladiators. Seeking ever greater excitement, they head for the deadly Serpent Island where they’ll have more than snakes to worry about.


Looming over them all is the lingering threat of the elder demon Balthis, who, despite his recent setback, still has his sights firmly locked on Shara.


Under threat from heaven and hell, can Shara survive long enough to learn the secrets of her new power?

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