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Malice (Audiobook)

Malice (Audiobook)

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Book 12 in The Aegis of Merlin Series

Narrated by the Awesome Joe Hempel

Ebook Version

Paperback Version 


Some people are just too evil to stay dead.


An old enemy Conryu Koda believed he’d dealt with once and for all has returned.


And what’s worse, he doesn’t even know it.


Conryu’s focus is on his missing friend, Jonny, who disappeared while on an undercover mission for the Department of Infernal Investigations. No one knows what happened and the clock is ticking.


With hellpriests, demons, and plain old criminals popping up everywhere, will Conryu be able to find his friend in time?


And what is Malice up to? Nothing good for our hero you can be sure of that.

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