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The Blood of Solomon (Audiobook)

The Blood of Solomon (Audiobook)

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Book 1 in The 72 Demons Urban Fantasy Series

Narrated by The Awesome Joe Hempel

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Daisuke Kugo was born to a family of skilled fire magic users. As the eldest son, he was to become the next clan head.


Then came his thirteenth birthday and his spirit awakening ceremony. He failed, getting badly burned in the process.


Rejected by the spirits, Daisuke is quickly banished to a Swiss boarding school.


After graduation, Daisuke wonders Europe, collecting magical items and knowledge. Though the fire spirits rejected him, he is highly skilled in other forms of magic.


And so he’s recruited by the Circle of Sorcery, a group of wizards dedicated to securing dangerous magic so that it won’t be used for evil ends.


Daisuke’s current mission takes him back to Japan where he’ll have to deal with enemy wizards, dangerous demons, and worst of all his family if he wanted to stop the release of a powerful Elder Demon.


For the sake of the world, he’d better succeed.

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