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The Portal Wars Saga Audiobook Bundle

The Portal Wars Saga Audiobook Bundle

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The Portal Wars Saga Audiobook Bundle Books 1 - 7

Narrated by the Awesome Joe Hempel

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Otto Shenk is the youngest son of a minor baron.


He’s also a wizard.


Abused by his family and considered less than human by his kingdom, Otto does his best to survive.


But everything changes when Otto stumbles across a tower hidden deep in a dark part of the forest near his home.


A tower that was once the home of an Arcane Lord, the immortal wizards that long ago ruled the world.


Otto’s life will be changed forever.


And so will the world.


Contains The Portal Wars Saga Audiobooks

1. The Hidden Tower

2. The Great Northern War

3. The Portal Thieves 

4. The Master of Magic

5. The Chamber of Eternity

6. The Heart of Alchemy

7. The Sanguine Scroll

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Christopher Cahill

The Portal Wars Saga Audiobook Bundle

James Wisher
Could use an editor

The story is fine. It was a good bit of busy listening... But the first couple book feel like a run on sentence. Often I felt "This could have been said in half as many words."

Still it is on my list of recommendations

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