What Order Should Your Books be Read In?


The Portal Wars Saga:

1. The Hidden Tower

2. The Great Norther War

3. The Portal Thieves

4. The Master of Magic

5. The Chamber of Eternity

6. The Heart of Alchemy

7. The Sanguine Scroll


The War With Audin


The Immortal Apprentice Trilogy:

1. The Hunt For Revenge

2. The Army of Darkness

3. The Apprentice Reborn


The Soul Bound Saga:

1. An Unwelcome Journey

2. Darkness in Tiber

3. Depths of Betrayal

4. The Black Iron Empire

5. Overmage


The Dragonspire Chronicles:

1.The Black Egg

2. The Mysterious Coin

3. The Dragons’ Graveyard

4. The Slave War

5. The Sunken Tower

6. The Dragon Empress


The Divine Key Trilogy:

1. Shadow Magic

2. For The Greater Good

3. The Divine Key Awakens


The Soul Force Saga:

1. Darkness Rising

2. Raging Sea and Trembling Earth

3. Harvest of Souls

4. Dreaming in The Dark

5. On Blackened Wings

6. The Lightning

7. Knights of The Red Dragon


Death and Honor Omnibus


The Squire


The Aegis of Merlin

1. The Impossible Wizard

2. The Awakening

3. The Chimera Jar

4. The Raven’s Shadow

5. Escape From The Dragon Czar

6. Wraith of The Dragon Czar

7. The Four Nations Tournament

8. Death Incarnate

9. Atlantis Reborn

10. Rise of The Demon Lords

11. The Pale Princess

12. Malice

13. Hearts of Corrupt Fire (Coming Soon)


The Rogue Star Science Fiction Series

1. Children of Darkness 

2. Children of The Void

3. Children of Junk

4. Children of The Black Ship

5. Children of The End



I can’t find the email with my download links. How do I get my books?


The easiest was to find your books is to go to my.bookfunnel.com. From there you can either log in or create an account with the email you used to order your books. Any book you ever ordered with that email will be there and ready for you to download.