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Atlantis Rising (Ebook)

Atlantis Rising (Ebook)

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Book 9 in The Aegis of Merlin Series

Paperback Version 


Conryu’s life was supposed to be peaceful after the fall of Morgana.

Two months living on the floating island and working on bikes have been among the best of his life.

But that all changes when Jemma St. Simmons, Director of the Ministry of Magic in London, contacts him looking for help.

Conryu is forced once more to get involved in a dangerous magical situation.

Now faced with an enemy that negates his greatest strength, can Conryu find a way to defeat a long forgotten foe before it’s too late?

Look Inside

The two arms of the motorcycle’s front fork glowed as Conryu used earth magic to shape the prongs into a decorative twisted pattern. The weather on the floating island was perfect today, a light breeze blew and the sun shone down through a clear sky. He was happy to work outside. Behind him a simple shop constructed with magic had a sign over the door that said Koda Chrome. He’d always wanted his own place and now he had one.

Since the madness two months ago with the Le Fay Society, Conryu had only visited Sentinel City to pick up his mother for a regular, short lunch. They didn’t eat in the city, instead he’d open a portal to London or wherever she wanted to go. The North American Alliance made it clear that they wanted him under their control. He made it equally clear that he wasn’t interested in being anyone’s pawn. They had a warrant out for his arrest should he appear anywhere in North America.

Not that anyone had the guts to try and enforce it. One of the advantages of being the most powerful wizard in the world was that people tended not to bother you. Still, he saw no reason to push his luck. Better to avoid the place altogether.

When the forks looked the way the client requested, he snapped his fingers, ending the magic. Another gesture sent the fork floating up into the slot on the bike’s front end. The best thing about magic was that he didn’t need a hydraulic lift. The whole chopper floated in front of him at the perfect height. He sighed, tightened the bolts, and lowered the bike to the ground.

Done. He’d deliver it this afternoon and collect his payment along with any new projects that had come in.

“Are you really going to use your magic to play mechanic for the rest of your life?” Maria Kane, the most beautiful girl he knew and the love of his life, stood with crossed arms glaring at the motorcycle like it was the bike’s fault he wasn’t following her preferred course. She wore her white robes and a gold belt at her waist that contrasted perfectly with her jet-black hair. “You could do so much more.”

“Sure I could.” Conryu wiped his hands on his jeans and picked up the Staff of All Elements. The artifact allowed him to use magic without spells as well as access his private library. “But should I? I could run around, trying to solve all the world’s problems, but I’d probably just make new ones. I figure the best thing for me to do is mind my own business.”

She snorted. “Like that’s going to last. You’re too important to be allowed to just hang around here. You should at least come back to the Academy with me and finish senior year, get your degree. I’m sure the teachers would welcome you.”

“And how long before the military showed up to try and take me into custody? No, thank you. When do classes start again?”

“Day after tomorrow.”

“Want me to drop you off early? I’m on my way to deliver the bike anyway.”

“I guess. You’ll pick me up for our Sunday date though, right?”

Conryu grinned and kissed her. “Wouldn’t miss it.”

He pointed the staff at an open patch of grass a few feet away and a moment later a door with a knocker that looked like a bearded old man appeared.

“Prime!” Conryu said. “Quit sulking and get over here. We’re leaving.”

A black book with an impossibly huge, fang-filled mouth glided over beside him. His familiar had been in a sour mood since it became clear Conryu no longer needed to learn spells. With the staff, he could shape magic at will into whatever form he desired. That didn’t mean he didn’t appreciate everything Prime had done for him. Without the scholomantic he wouldn’t have survived the past three years.

“A being of my magnificence doesn’t sulk,” Prime said.

“What do you call it?” Conryu asked.

“A period of melancholy. I’m over it now.”

“Good. Kai, watch the fort. I’ll be back in a couple hours.” His personal ninja-slash-bodyguard was currently watching over him from the border of Hell, but she would have no trouble hearing what he said.

As he and Maria made the short walk to the library doors she asked, “Kai lets you out of her sight without a chaperone now?”

“If I promise not to do anything dangerous.”

Conryu opened the door, looked back, and pointed at the finished motorcycle. A light magic force field appeared around it and lifted it off the ground. Galen, the spirit that served as the librarian, didn’t like it when Conryu got oil or grease on the floor. It didn’t matter that it vanished with a thought. The idea of making a mess in the room seemed to offend the ancient spirit.

He willed the bike to fly in ahead of them, Maria followed it, then Conryu closed the door behind them. Inside, the familiar bookcases stretched in every direction. Only the smell of parchment was missing. Since the books were just physical manifestations of Galen’s memory, they had no smell and little weight compared to their size.

The only new addition to the library was a case that held a dozen elf artifacts he’d collected. Since he was the only one that could access the library, this was the safest place to store them. Maria had been studying them off and on this summer, but had made little progress.

“I’ll drop you at the Academy before I head to London.”

Maria nodded and sighed. “This will be the first time we’ve been apart in a while. It’s going to be strange not having you just a few floors away.”

“You’ve got the rune stone I prepared, right? If there’s trouble, you can contact me at any time. I’ll be there quick as thought.”

She hugged him. “I know you will, but it still feels different. But enough talking. If we’re going to do this, let’s get on with it.”

Conryu pictured Maria’s room in the dorm and willed the library doors to open. Beyond them was a modest two-bed unit with minimal decorations. Three suitcases sat beside the bed nearest the door. Her parents had shipped them ahead since she wasn’t arriving by train. Her roommate wouldn’t get there until tomorrow, which made this a safe place to drop her off. One of the teachers was bound to notice his presence, but he’d be gone before anyone could reach her room.

“I’ll miss you,” Conryu said.

“You could always stay,” Maria said.

“Not a chance. See you Sunday.”

She gave him a final kiss and stepped out of the library. Conryu waved and shut the doors. It was just him and Prime for a while now.

He glanced at the demon book who said, “I’m not giving you a kiss.”

Conryu barked a laugh and pictured the alley behind Pop’s Wheels, the London bike shop that he subcontracted for.

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